The Port House Announces The First of Its Wine Tours

Following a successful press trip to Spain’s La Mancha province in October for Port House directors and journalists, the Port House customers now have the opportunity to join a wine tour beginning in Spring 2020. The tours present a unique opportunity for customers to experience first-hand the Spanish suppliers of food and wine that make up the eclectic menu of The Port House tapas restaurants. 

Last month, The Port House launched the fifth of their tapas restaurants, Cava on Camden Street, with their other locations comprising of South William Street, Temple Bar and Dundrum alongside London’s The Strand. Today, two tours have been announced on the Port House and Capture Travel websites. The first tour departs at the end of March 2020 to Catalonia and gives customers the opportunity to explore the Torres and Cava vineyards alongside a range of other gourmet activities. The second, departs to Porto at the end of April for a voyage through the port production and tapas in the heart of Portugal 

Tickets start at €1,190 and include return direct flights, accommodation in beautifully situated 4-star hotels, coach transfers and a range of activities including vineyard visits, tours, lunches and tourist attractions and activities. The first tour is to Catalonia for 4 days 17th to the 20th of March 2020. The second is to Porto from April 21st to 24th. With more announcements to come for Rioja, Galicia and La Mancha for September and October 2020. 

The Port House Wine Tours will be operated by Capture Travel, the new travel agency for groups, as part of their new bespoke Branded Tours that give Irish businesses the opportunity to bring their customers around Ireland and abroad to engage with their products and services.

Lee Sim, Director of The Port House restaurants says;

“We’re very excited to announce the first of our wine tours. We had an excellent time in La Mancha last month and we’re delighted to be able to share this new experience with our customers to show how we source the products for our restaurants and have a bit of fun at the same time!”

Katie Doyle, CEO of Capture Travel, reiterates;

“We’re very excited to be working closely with Lee and The Port House to design these bespoke tours to Spain. It will be a unique opportunity for food and wine lovers to experience the incredible cuisine offered by Spain and brought to Ireland by The Port House.”

Full details of the Catalonia and Porto Tour can be found at