Putting the Bubbly into Your Bubble Bath: Prosecco Bath Bombs Are Now a Reality

The sound of a hot, bubble bath always excites us, but what if you could actually bathe in decadent bubbles? Well now you can, sort of, as The Present Giver have just unveiled their newest additions, Prosecco and Gin & Tonic bath bombs.

You’ll be able to sit back and relax while sitting within your favourite bubbly for the ultimate pampering treat. We all enjoy unwinding after a long day, and in the past few years taking a bubble bath has increased as one of the top preferences.

Prosecco bubble bath bombs

The UK brand that specialize in gifts for all, have taken the love for a glass of fizz to another level that also promises zero calories. The Prosecco scented bath bombs are fresh and fruity, while the Gin & Tonic bath bombs have more of a zesty fragrance to them.

Prosecco Bath Bomb  
Wrapped up in retro packaging, the bath bombs will add a touch of magic to your next bubble bath that you need to simply add under running hot water.
Gin & Tonic bath bombs  
Each is available at €6.69 (£5.99) with worldwide delivery.