This Revolutionary Irish Designed Pillow Will Change The Way You Sleep

What would pay for a great night sleep? For those who suffer from debilitating sleep deprivation or bad bedtime habits such as teeth grinding €79 might sound like a reasonable enough figure.

Well that’s the price of a unique new Irish designed pillow that has smashed its Kickstarter target due to the incredible sleep-improving benefits that it boasts.

Image via Reflex Pillow
Image via Reflex Pillow

The Reflex Pillow was designed by Cork neck and back pain specialist Noel O’Connor who believes he has created “one of the world’s greatest sleep products.”

Not your ordinary pillow to say the least, the product can help with neck and shoulder pain by helping your cervical spine maintain improved alignment during the night.

Suffer from pain in the morning? The Reflex Pillow will support to your whole spine, as a result, this improves blood circulation and redistributes your body weight correctly which helps prevent or reduce stiffness in the morning.

If you can’t help but grind your teeth at night the pillow will help this as you are much less likely to toss and turn during the night because of the stability of the head in the head dip.

Those who cannot seem to overcome snoring or insomnia will welcome the new innovation as it tilts your head upwards and positions it in slight extension, keeping your airways unobstructed and open allowing you to breathe normally.

It can even help relieve sleep apnoea.

Drawing from his 27 years of clinical experience, meeting with 30,000 patients in the United Kingdom, Ireland, and the USA, and conducting countless tests, Noel designed the optimal pillow using a specially formulated blend of materials.

After the success of the Kickstarter campaign Noel plans to take the Reflex Pillow global, branching into the USA, UK and further afield.

You can find out more info and buy yours at

Priced at €70 for the ‘Original’ the more pillows you buy, the more discounted the price gets! Buy 2 pillows and save 7%, buy 3 pillows and save 8%, buy 4 pillows and save 9%, buy 5 or more pillows and save 10% – that’s every friend and family member’s birthday presents sorted…