Reverse Balayage Is Set To Be Next Big Hair Trend

The internet was awash with the ‘fallayage’ trend last autumn, and now there’s a new hair trend that’s set to steal ballayage’s shiny crown. Introducing ‘reverse balayage.’

Like nothing we’ve seen before reverse balayage has been tipped as a major trend in 2018.

A highlighting technique, to achieve the classic balayage a colorist paints bleach or haircolor just on the towards to the ends of your tresses to lighten your locks.

The result is soft, natural-looking, sun-kissed highlights that easily blend in as hair grows longer.

Reverse balayage on the other hand focuses on darkening light coloured strands.

The trend has come to light via a Redditor who posted a picture showing off reverse brunette balayage (see the first picture above).

Colourist Cassie Cohen told Pop Sugar, that the whole point of the look is it “defies what the sun will naturally do to your hair colour.”

It really is quite a bizarre effect.

This style isn’t too hard to maintain, according to Cohen, “This would require a regular highlight visit to lighten your roots and refresh the dark bottom,” which should take place every six to eight weeks.

Would you give it a go? We’re not too keen on the trend here at IndulgeMe.

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