Review: This One Nail Strengthening Product Transformed My Weak Nails

I was never someone who had strong nails. Ever. My best friend was blessed with rock hard nails (and long, elegant fingers, but I accept I’ll never have those). Living with her in college I always remember how she insisted on having them painted for a night out. For me I saw little point in this laborious process as they’d always be chipped by the following morning – which was one partly due to my college-style night out antics, I promise.

It was on a trip to my local Sam McCauley Chemist when I presented a nail strengthening product at the counter that the very lovely lady serving me redirected me to their upstairs salon, where I could purchase by Nailtiques, the Protein Formula 2 specifically. She swore by it.

Nailtiques Nail Protein

I swiftly made my way upstairs, left with one of the tiny blue bottles, and never looked back…

What’s the hype?

Infused with a special blend of hydrolysed keratin, protein, gelatin and calcium, Nailtiques Protein Formula 2 is designed to treat nails that are naturally soft, peeling, split or just won’t grow.

The renowned treatment acts immediately to help bond nails, strengthening the nail and helping them grow long, strong and healthy.

Nailtiques Formula 2

How do you use it?

To get the best results it’s recommended that you go without nail polish for three weeks – I know that might seem like an eternity for those who are never without a fresh mani, but it’s worth it I promise.

Simply apply a coat of the formula (it has a thin nail polish consistency) to bare nails, and keep layering.

After about three days it will start to peel off. At that point remove with nail polish remover and start the process again.

It’s advised that once you have achieved the result desired maintain your healthy nails with Protein Formula 1.

The results really are immediate. As soon as it drys, and that happens in a matter of seconds, my nails feel stronger.

Does it work?

I can honestly say this one product transformed my nails from bendy and brittle to the rock hard (and pointy, but that’s a personal choice) talons I have today.

Having recommended Nailtiques countless times to friends and family members I can confirm that I’m not the only one who have been overwhelming impressed with the results.

The results really are immediate. As soon as it drys, and that happens in a matter of seconds, my nails feel stronger.

I didn’t go on to buy the Protein Formula 1 as advised once my nails had strengthened. Instead, whenever I feel my nails need a boost, say after a course of Shellac, I take a week without nail polish and treat them to a week of Protein Formula 2.

Where can you buy it and how much does it cost?

I’ve stocked up from Sam McCauleys (7.4ml, €19.95) in the past, but most recently got my fix from Beauty Bay (7ml, €11.60) who have the full Nailtiques range, including this kit (€23) that includes the nail polish plus a cuticle balm and oil.