Review: Unwind at Thérapie Clinic with the Heavenly Muscle Melt Body Massage

If pampering counts as a pastime then it’s definitely one of my favourites. For when the urge to pamper strikes, for me and for countless other fellow pampering enthusiasts Thérapie Clinic is one of the first beauty destinations that comes to mind.

IndulgeMe Review Thérapie Clinic

Taking an integrated approach to beauty, Thérapie Clinic offers a range of treatments and services including massages, facials, and laser hair removal, from their many locations dotted around the county.

Renowned as the leading laser hair removal and skin specialist in Ireland, they are committed to excellent customer service, and offer free consultations for all their treatments.

In the mood to indulge in my favourite, eh, hobby I visited Thérapie Clinic for a Heavenly Muscle Melt Body Massage. Read on to find out how I got on…

IndulgeMe Review Thérapie Clinic

The Spa

I headed to the Malahide clinic on a crisp Saturday morning having booked in for the Muscle Melt Full Body Massage. .

As I tend to have great tension and lactic acid buildup in my upper back, and suffer from frequent leg & foot cramps, the description of this massage truly spoke to me. “A deep pressure massage that helps sooth tight, sore muscles, and relieve the build-up of stress and tension.”

Tucked away in a three-storey house on the Main Street, past the main cross of the village, towards the hotel, the location in Malahide isn’t like any beauty salon or spa I’ve attended before. The reception area features a wide variety of products you can purchase from their own gift sets as well top brands like Image Skincare.

A quick check-in and brief sit down in the waiting room, my Masseuse, Yvonne, brought me to the second floor therapy room. Lemon and tea tree scented candles, subtle spa music playing in the background, with a light breeze wafting from the slightly ajar window – this was my kind of room.

Following the usual etiquette and attire for a massage, I propped myself atop the massage bed under towel and prepared for 60 minutes of relaxation. Like every masseuse should, Yvonne began by asking a few questions whether I have any areas of concern, to which I let her know about the aforementioned tension and cramps, and thereafter she began my body massage with medium pressure.

IndulgeMe Review Thérapie Clinic

The Treatment

Starting off with my upper back and shoulders, my masseuse then worked on my arms, lower back and legs, paying great attention to the tension in my calves. It’s during this first half of the massage that I felt myself drift off for a little nap, a habit I’ve learned has prompted many a masseuse in the past to say “Good, then I did my job correctly!”.

I awoke as Yvonne softly asked to turn and lie on my back, following through with massage etiquette once more, and then she worked through my feet, legs, shoulders and neck, and ended the session with a head massage.

Did It Work?

The simple answer is yes, a very big yes. The aftermath of every massage should be that you feel light and relaxed, and this sure was the case. After leaving the clinic, I could feel how much lighter my back was, which felt heavenly.

Professional and very friendly, the staff at Thérapie Clinic Malahide represented the company wonderfully, and I would easily book in again.

IndulgeMe Review Thérapie Clinic

The Details

If this review has enticed you to indulge in the same treatment, or to further check out treatments and beauty services available at Thérapie Clinic, then do have a read of the finer details from my experience.

Which treatment? Muscle Melt Full Body Massage €85 (60 mins)

Which location? Thérapie Clinic Malahide, Main Street, Malahide, Co. Dublin

Phone: 1890 650 750