Review: The Sell-Out ESHO Sculpt Lip Balm That’s Like Lip Fillers in a Tube

Fans of Body Fixers will already be acquainted with Dr Tijion Esho, the UK-based cosmetics professional and aesthetic medicine expert famed for his lip injections, and now he has teamed up with DECIEM, the same company that brought you the viral hit that was The Ordinary.

The two beauty industry power weights have come together to launch new a lip care brand called ESHO, and you may want to reschedule that lip filler appointment you finally got around to booking.

On launch day at the end of September, the range consisted of three different lip balms, Sculpt, Pause and Drench (as you’ll see below more have since joined the family).

Dr Esho

Pause (€29) is for those who already have lip fillers and work to pause the breakdown on injections in-between appointments.

Drench (€15) is ‘a lip hydrator’, that, unlike your average lip balm, doesn’t use butters and waxes to seal in moisture, these are said to superficially disguise the appearance of dehydration, but instead water reservoirs, lipid reservoirs, and breathable film formers.

And then there’s the one I ordered (immediately as soon as I got the DECIEM email that the line had dropped), Sculpt…

What’s the hype?

Sculpt is the product for those who have yet to splash out on pricey lip treatments. Designed to enhance the volume, contour and tone of your lips it acts as a replacement to injections.

The magic formula is a concoction of ingredients like peptides, polymers, and complex saccharides, among others, which combine to increase your lips circulation, water retention, hyaluronic acid production, and even the fat retention in the lips.


What does it look/smell/feel like?

While I might have felt a bit anxious as I spontaneously splurged on a lip balm that costs over €30, ESHO have done their best to create packaging that helps ease this anxiety once your package arrives in the post.

The dark silver tube with metallic blue finish is housed in a slide-out drawer of a slick little white box, which already sets it apart from the lip balms that you chuck in your bag every day.

In comparison to other traditional lip balms, that contain waxes and butters, Sculpt feels a bit like a watery serum. So much so I sometimes had the urge to layer my usual Carmex over it once it had sunk in to get that feeling that my lips were coated with product that I’m used to.

The effect is instantaneous, you’ll feel tingling a few seconds after applying the ‘natural’ guava flavoured balm – just try not lick the sweet stuff off, it does taste rather good.

How do you use it?

Simply apply the lip balm as you would any other to cleansed lips once a day, I usually apply it as the last step to my morning skincare regime.

The last bit is important, as should you go applying your moisturiser post-application and smudge a little lip balm beyond the borders of your lips you’ll soon notice red patches pop up elsewhere on your face – not a good look, and not a particularly nice feeling.

I also found that it’s worth giving the tube a shake before applying, as a clear liquid tends to separate from the white balm.

Does it work?

It’s been a month since I started applying Sculpt every morning. As I said the plumping effect is immediate, but how it differs from other lip balms that give the same tingling feeling is that whie feel like a watery serum, but it manages to make its way into the inner plumbing of your skin and over time definitely has enhanced the volume, contour and tone.

An eagle-eyed colleague even blurted out one morning, while we were having our chats by the water cooler, ‘what’s going on with your lips?’, which I took as concrete evidence that it wasn’t just me that saw the difference.

While I have naturally plump lips, some would say I have tendency to pout also, I will definitely be stocking up on Sculpt to keep the temptation to get lip fillers at bay.

Where can you buy it?

The ESHO range is currently sold out on DECIEM’s site but available on Keep an eye on DECIEM alerts for updates.

How much does it cost?

$29 (€33) for a 15ml tube. International shipping is free on orders over €30 when ordering direct from DECIEM.

Anything else?

Since the launch ESHO has unveiled four new products: Sculpt Sensitive, Coat, a ‘lip lipid barrier support’, and the curiously titled Drain and Silence, the details of which have yet to be revealed.