Eyes on the Oscar: Saoirse Ronan Named Best Actress at New York Film Awards

We know we might be biased, but we think Irish actress Saoirse Ronan is pretty great. Thankfully we’re not the only ones who are continually bowled over by her thespian skills, and she has amassed awards, nominations and critical claim across the globe.

Most recently, Saoirse, 23, added to what must now be a burgeoning awards cabinet as she was named the Best Actress at Gotham Independent Film Awards in New York last night.

The award comes on the back of her most recent role, Lady Bird, where Saoirse stars as a restless teenager desperate to get out of her stifling and uncultured town in California.

Her impressive performance saw her beat accomplished fellow actresses including Margot Robbie, for I, and Lois Smith, for Marjorie Prime.

Dedicating her award to her mother and the director of Lady Bird, Saoirse said this win is for “the two women who mean so much to me.”

Nominated in the past for two Oscars, for both Atonement and Brooklyn, last night’s accolade adds to the speculation that 2017 will be her year at the Academy Awards.

While Saoirse Ronan herself does not have an Instagram of her own, a fan account @saorseronan has shared every possible image and angle of the ethereal beauty on the red carpet and showing off her award on the night.

watch the trailer for Lady Bird below.