The Skin Nerd Shares With Us Her Ultimate Skincare Christmas Gift Guide

Shopping for the perfect gift can be a tricky one, especially when the person in question is someone who already has everything, or is very hard to please (we’re guilty of falling into this category ourselves).

But what about her beauty and skin care needs? Do her essentials need a top up, or is she always on the look out for the next best thing?

Step in Jennifer Rock, the multi-award winning facialist behind The Skin Nerd who has shared with us her top five products and sets that would make the perfect gift for for your mother, sister, daughter, your best friend or even your boss.

Bellamianta Self Tanning Tinted Lotion

Bellamianta Gift Set (€28)

“For the human in your life who aspires to always be bronze (in a skin-safe way), get them the Bellamianta Self-Tanning Tinted Lotion Gift Set. It contains the Self Tanning Tinted Lotion, the Skin Perfecting Instant Tan and the Luxury Double Sided Velvet Tanning Mitt.

“I adore Bellamianta because the ingredients do not irritate the skin or dry it out as I’ve found other tans can. It is a tan for the skin rather than just being wholly for aesthetic purposes, as it contains nutrients to give back to the skin as well as make you into a beautiful golden person. The set is available in both Medium and Dark.”

Clarins Double Serum Edit Set

Clarins Double Serum Edit Set (€73.99)

“Clarins Double Serum is one of my holy grail serums. It is both hydric and lipidic, meaning it contains both water and oil, perfectly balanced to hydrate the skin thoroughly.

“It has powerhouse anti-ageing ingredients galore, such as turmeric and a hyaluronic acid complex as well as twenty other plant extracts. The set includes the Instant Eye Makeup Remover and the Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil, which contains plant extracts to condition and moisturise the lips and give them a nice, natural sheen.”

IMAGE Skincare Glow Collection Gift Set

IMAGE Skincare Glow Collection Gift Set (€97)

“The IMAGE Skincare Glow Collection Gift Set contains the ILUMA Intense Lightening Serum, the PREVENTION + Daily Matte Moisturiser SPF32 and the ORMEDIC Balancing Cleanser. These are some of the most essential tools to have in your glowy skin tool box – you will be shining bright like a diamond in no time.

“The ILUMA serum is one of my desert island skincare products, it gets the skin gleaming like nothing else due to the inclusion of natural skin brighteners like licorice extract and mulberry extract as well as so many others. The PREVENTION + Daily Matte Moisturiser SPF32 is my go-to daily SPF, it doesn’t feel sticky on the skin and dries on matte, which makes it a fabulous makeup base.

The ORMEDIC Balancing Cleanser works to level the pH balance of the skin using chamomile, nutrients and soothing botanicals, making it great to keep the skin tone even and banish sensitisation-related redness.”

Dermalogica Anti-aging Power Trio

Dermalogica Anti-aging Power Trio (€70.50)

“The Dermalogica Anti-aging Power Trio is a skin superhero. It includes the new AGE Smart Daily Superfoliant, which I am mad for at the moment, as it uses activated charcoal to absorb up the impurities left in the skin from pollution and helps to even the skin tone with dead skin cell gobbling enzymes and alpha-hydroxy acids.

“It also contains the Multivitamin Power Recovery Masque, which is filled to the brim with vitamins A, C, E and F that pump the skin with nourishment and revitalise it, as well as the Dynamic Skin Recovery SPF50, which protects the skin from future damage whilst hydrating it.”

Advanced Nutrition Programme Skin Celebrations

Advanced Nutrition Programme Skin Celebrations (€60)

“You may be incredulous that I am suggesting giving someone supplements as a gift. However, I truly believe that taking supplements starts you off on the right footing for the new year with regard to skin health.

“The ANP Skin Celebrations Pack contains a month’s supply worth of Skin Omegas +, to help keep skin healthy and well-hydrated, Skin Vit C, to strengthen capillaries and protect your skin from free radical damage, and Skin Collagen Support, which contains vitamin A to promote general skin health and vitamin C to help with the creation of collagen in the skin. The Skin Celebrations pack will have your skin glowing from within, which it may need a hand with after the season of indulgence!”