Social Diary: Brown Thomas in Association with MQS Gallery Launches an Exclusive art Exhibition

rown Thomas launches ‘The Lost Warhols’ in Ireland, an exclusive Andy Warhol exhibition of never seen before photographs of the iconic artist. The must-see exhibition which will run until 21st October comprises of 30 one off images of Andy Warhol by American artist and photographer Karen Bystedt.

In addition for this exhibition, Bystedt invited Irish and UK Contemporary Street and fine artists to interpret her images in their own artistic language, co-creating mixed media artwork, thus conceptualizing a series of collaborations that would represent community and pay homage to the mixed media form so inextricably associated with the legacy of Warhol.

Nick Munier and Alanna Feeney at the launch of ‘The Lost Warhols’ in Brown Thomas

Those who have created pieces for the exhibition are Will St Leger, Orla Walsh, Nick Munier, Raine Hozier Byrne, Helen Bullock, Stephen Johnston, Cavanagh Foyle, Solus and Peter Tunney.

In 1983, Karen Bystedt, then a tenacious young film student, cold-called Andy Warhol at Interview Magazine and asked him to pose for her book-in-progress featuring the era’s top male models. Warhol agreed to join the fold and the resulting images materialize a rare and remarkable sense of vulnerability; in this portrait session, Bystedt captures a soft and submissive Warhol. Bystedt included two of the thirty-six photos shot that afternoon in her book Not Just Another Pretty Face and placed the negatives in storage, where they lived untouched for twenty-five years. In 2011 she located ten of her original negatives, yet time had taken its toll on her spellbinding photographs. She dedicated the preceding months to restoring her Andy, pixel-by-pixel, infusing new life into her images.

Bystedt saw a new future for her Warhol portraits, one that echoed her subject’s inventive spirit, and mirrored his approach of both inspiration and practical creation. Bystedt has created a series that follows in Warhol’s footsteps, playing with popular culture; the collection champions the unique signatures of her collaborators and encourages its audience to consider their own understanding of its central subject.

The Lost Warhols will open in Brown Thomas on October 10th until 21st