The Reset’s Top Tips for Prioritising Yourself on Global Wellness Day


As a retreat brand, The Reset’s ethos is all about making health and wellness as simple and accessible as possible.

Whilst there’s lots of lofty ideals of what wellness is out there – expensive treatments, spa days, silent retreats in India… back in the real world we want to talk about what small and simple things you can do every day to keep your mind and body healthy.

Saturday 8th June is Global Wellness Day. With its message to help everyone value their lives more and be free from stress we wanted to share our top tips on prioritising yourself. Not just for one day a year, but on a regular basis:

Schedule in ‘you’ time – and a backup slot too!
With busy lives our calendars can seem jam packed with things we’re doing for others. Taking the kids to school, doing the housework, hitting deadlines at work, running errands… the list goes on.

In order to be of best service to others, it’s really important to make sure you’re continually topping yourself back up.

Schedule in time in your calendar to do things for yourself. Just like you would an appointment or task at work.

Whether that’s just to read a book, have a bath, call a friend or pop a face-mask on. This isn’t indulgent or selfish – it’s actually critical in order to thrive and give others your best.

We all know plans can change, so don’t take a chance on missing out. Pop a backup slot into the diary as well for when things slip. Your time is just as important as that deadline for your boss.

Know what makes you feel great
Self-care is really personal, and what you choose to do when you prioritise yourself will be really different from the next person.

Take some time to put together a simple list on your phone or in a notebook, of the things that really make you feel great.

For some self-care time might be getting organised, doing some meal-prep or writing a to-do list. For others it might be taking a walk, reading a great novel or going to see a movie.

Make sure your list has some simple, small and affordable options, as well as some things that take more time and energy but that you still deserve in your life.

The smaller things can (and should!) be scheduled into your week easily. And maybe some of these higher ticket items could go on your wish-list for the next birthday or Christmas. Time to yourself is more precious than consumer items in busy lives.

Start a gratitude practice
Research has shown that feeling more grateful can have a massive knock-on effect to your overall health – deepening relationships, increasing optimism and resulting in better physical and mental health. 

Starting a gratitude practice doesn’t have to be complicated. It’s simply about finding a regular time each day – perhaps first thing in the morning, or last thing before you go to bed, to record at least 3 things that you’re grateful for from the day.

Writing down new things to be grateful for helps re-wire our brain to start to seek these positive things out in every day life. Suddenly where your brain might previously have always jumped to the negative and what went wrong, we start to notice the good in our lives instead.

If you start this practice and keep it up you’ll most certainly be grateful for that quiet cup of tea or 15 minutes reading that book you prioritised this afternoon. Which means you’ll find more chances to do it and more joy in doing them. And so the cycle will continue.

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The Reset Founders Vicky & Lauren
The Reset runs retreats and events to help women prioritise themselves. Designed for women like you, by women like you, we aim to make health and wellness easy and practical for busy people in the real world.