Would You Share a Toothbrush If a Date Went Well? 25% of People Would, Survey Says

It’s a common occurrence nowadays, the date goes well, sparks fly and you end up heading home with you prospective partner. The question is, would you be willing to share your toothbrush with your date the next morning?

While most people would recoil in horror at the thought a new survey has revealed that 25% of people would be willing to.

The Valentine’s Day themed survey was commissioned for SPOTLIGHT Teeth Whitening, with a focus on attraction and dating.

The study got down to the nitty gritty of dating habits and it seems general hygiene would go out the window if people had just 5 minutes to get ready for a date with 55% of people saying they would forego a shower in favour of brushing their teeth or applying make-up.

Amber Heard

30% of people said they would ditch the make-up and 15% said they would skip brushing their teeth.

When it comes to healthier habits, it was revealed that 80% of people brush their teeth twice a day, 15% brush just once a day and a paltry 5% of respondents brush after every meal.

If you’re looking to make your date smile, it seems puppies are the best way to do it! 60% of people surveyed say that puppies would make them smile on a date. The classics, chocolate and flowers came in at just 20% each.

More generally, and less grossly, 50% of people say the teeth and smile are the first things they notice when meeting a date!

Of over 100 people surveyed, 80% of people have altered their smile in some way with 71% saying they’ve whitened teeth and 58% have worn braces to correct their smile.

Interestingly, 47% of people said they would choose great teeth over good hair or skin, if they had the option!

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Looking at the findings, Spotlight creators, Drs. Lisa and Vanessa Creaven have a lot to say about some of these questionable habits:

“I have questions for those 25% willing to share their toothbrush!”, says Dr. Vanessa Creaven.

“Although it may seem like a harmless gesture of goodwill, it can cause serious harm. When brushing your gums can occasionally bleed in effect this means anyone that shares your toothbrush is susceptible to blood stream diseases. In less serious cases a common cold or cold sore may be passed on. The mouth is full of bacteria….do you really want to share this?!”

“Brushing your teeth twice daily for two minutes is the minimum we would recommend. Dr. Lisa Creaven suggests you challenge yourself- Time yourself when brushing your teeth, most people barely reach one minute! An electric toothbrush is my recommended tool as it allows for a deeper clean and can help reach those difficult spots! Regular toothbrushes should be replaced every three months at least.

Dr. Lisa Creaven goes on to say, “The result of 62% of those being smile conscious is no surprise really. Cosmetic dentistry is huge from whitening to veneers to clear braces.

“We are inundated with patients who want to improve their smile for their confidence and that’s totally understandable.

In today’s world with social media and every phone or device having a camera people are more looks conscious and a smile is definitely one of the first things that people notice. Our products aim to help consumers with products that are both time and financially efficient.”

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