Vegans Rejoice! These Vegan Friendly Ice Pops Are Delicious *And* Just 15 Calories

You’re just a girl minding your own business, doing your best to eat more plant-based foods. But life as a vegan can be tough.

There are the days you forget your lunch so you pop to the shop but end up having to settle for a bag of nuts and a banana. Or you’re road tripping with your mates and can’t join in the ice-cream refreshments.

Well fear not, your vegan prayers have finally been answered…just in time for summer.

Image via @erica_bracken on Instagram
Image via @erica_bracken on Instagram

Wellnice Pops, a Limerick-based company founded by best mates BJ and Trín, has introduced a full range of vegan-friendly ice-pops.

Each pop is made exclusively from cold-pressed vegetables and fruits and literally nothing else, not even added water.

Wellnice Pops
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What’s more, the pops are just 15 to 34 calories each and are individually wrapped so they can be enjoyed on-the-go.

The ice-pops are made from cold-pressed vegetables and fruits like carrot, sweet potato, kale, yellow pepper and lemon and so are packed full of Vit C, Vit K and zinc.

All Hail Kale Wellnice pops

Just one ice-pop can help you increase your daily intake of nutrients and micro-nutrients. Healthy but fun – our snack prayers have been answered.

Co-founder of Wellnice Pops and nutritionist BJ Broderick said: “Our pops make it easy to get more nutrients in an easy, enjoyable way from juicy fruits and earthy vegetables such as sweet potato, lemon and kale which can be difficult to consume on-the-go.”

Two Carat Diamond Well nice

Co-founder of Wellnice Pops and engineer, Trín O’Brien said: “Despite our climate, Ireland has always had a love-affair with frozen, sweet treats.

“However, having a sweet treat is often associated to feelings of guilt or self-criticism. Our pops give today’s consumers permission to enjoy a sweet snack and feel good about it.”

Frost Beet Well nice

“We have created a range we’re really proud of – it is honest in its nutritional offering, delicious in taste and built with the noble purpose of getting Ireland to eat more fruit and veg.”

You go girls! Now excuse us while we run to the shop to stock up!

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