Why Women Should Always Taste Wine at Dinner, According to Science

We’ve always assumed that the female palate is more discerning, and now a new study has proved just that and in particular that women make better wine tasters than men.

The study, published in the scientific journal Food Quality and Preference, found that men have a stronger emotional reaction to all wines than women, however the female palate is more sophisticated.

To garner these results, researchers asked 208 volunteers to take part in blind taste tests of six wines: two whites, one rose and three reds.

Image via @queenofjetlags on Instagram
Image via @queenofjetlags on Instagram

“In general, men reported higher scores on significant emotions than women for all the wines,” said Dr Caroline Chaya of the Technical University of Madrid, who led the study.

“But women, although they gave generally lower ratings than men, reported greater differences between the wines,” she concluded.

The study, as reported in the The Telegraph, also tested effects of age on the emotional response to wine tasting.

It was found that older drinkers were more likely to enjoy any glass of wine, whatever its attributes.

The conclusion presented by the researchers was that “all of the wines evoked significantly higher scores in older adults than in middle-aged and young adults for most emotional terms.

“However, young adults showed higher discrimination between wines than the other age groups, in terms of emotional responses.”

The characteristics of wine that were found to elicit positive emotions among the study’s participants were light, floral and fruity wines, while liquorice, clove and vanilla notes engendered a neutral or negative emotional response.

So next time the sommelier asks “who would like to taste the wine?” You know how to answer.