Women We Love: Tara Stewart – DJ, Radio Presenter & Reporter

This weeks Women We Love features the stylistic DJ and 2fm Radio Presenter Tara Stewart. The cool fashionista has been making serious heads turn within the domestic music scene in Ireland performing DJ sets at some of Ireland’s well known Festivals such as Electric Picnic and Pride. She is fast becoming a familiar voice on the national airwaves as our former Women We Love Tracy Clifford‘s music contributor on Rte 2FM’s The Tracy Clifford Show. 

Half Irish, half Malaysian/Indian, growing up in the remote outback of Australia, in Alice Springs, had its perks. Tara’s parents owned a bar that had an ever flowing mass of people and music flowing through, which was liberating and set the precipice for an open minded and enthusiastic young musician to embark on many adventures – one such-  that lead her to Ireland nearly 10 years ago to pursue a career in Music which lead ultimately to DJing and working in Radio. 

Since arriving and setting roots here, Tara has established herself as a force to be reckoned with on the Creative scene in Ireland, seeing her DJ for huge brands such as Tommy Hilfiger, Diet Coke, Nasty Gal, Magnum, Moet Chandon and Disney to name but a handful. She has also just signed to one of the biggest management companies in the UK: Select Model Management. And it is easy to see why they’d choose the iridescent, bubbly and ever-so-charming Tara; her presence enhances a room along with her vivacious eye catching style. 

I recently caught up with the lady herself and we chatted about some exciting- soon to be revealed- news she has and also what some of her most memorable experiences have been in her time on the Emerald Isle. 


Photo by Eoin Greally

Is being on camera, behind the mic and in the public eye something you always saw yourself doing?
Hmmm kinda, I originally wanted to be a musician which I did for years but then got into working in media and writing for District Magazine. This then lead to DJing and Radio Presenting and I really fell in love with that side of things.

I love listening to new music, falling in love with a new artist and playing that for people.

As a female member of one of the most male driven industries, what challenges did you face getting your career off the ground? And what challenges do you still face?
TBH it’s a bit hard for me to say because I feel like I might not know of the challenges! They might be behind my back. With radio I have never faced challenges being a woman, I have been given great opportunities in that field.

With DJing it’s a bit harder, I do think I don’t get booked for as many gigs as some of my male colleagues have. I mean club gigs!

Of all the radio shows, events and concerts you’ve worked at, which has been the most memorable experience and why?
I have a lot of favourite moments, like people I’ve interviewed from Shania Twain to Faith Evans and Dua Lipa for radio. Gigs.. I have played some really fun gigs in clubs, one of my favourites was Pride last year for Mother in the Tivoli, another was DJing for the rapper CupcakKe.

What advice would you offer young women aspiring to fulfil a career in the areas of broadcasting, modelling and presenting?

Work really hard, if you have to work a shitty job while trying to get into the field you want, that’s ok. Network and have an open mind! Always hussle and think of what else you can be doing while also taking time for yourself. Try take proper days off so your mind can reset.

If you hadn’t pursued your current career, what do you think you would have done?
Probably something in fashion. I have always loved style and clothing, maybe a designer! I mean I wouldn’t rule it out still.

It is so important that women inspire and allow each other to grow together through mutual support. What women in Ireland, as well as Irish women abroad, do you most admire whom you feel inspire you today?
There are so many! Andrea Horan, Roz Purcell, Louise McSharry, Thalia Heffernan, Tracy Clifford, Emma Fraser to name a few!

What mantras/mindfulness do you use to cleanse the mind and focus on the job at hand?
I’m so bad at keeping this up, although I know it helps me so much. But I do love to practice Yoga and meditate. Although I don’t do it as much as I should.

Speaking of mindfulness, how do you split your time between working and your downtime?
I love to socialise with my mates, go for dinner and chat. It’s something I didn’t do for a while and put on the long finger because I thought I should always be working on my career. But I’ve chilled out now and realise socialising is so important.

What has been your proudest career moment to date? And what are your goals for the rest of 2019?
Maybe getting signed in the UK? And Ireland! Having 2 agents is mad and I’m delighted I have them.

I want to be in London more this year gigging! I also want to get more involved in fashion. I have a very proud moment that I can’t talk about (#alltoberevealed #secret) just yet but when I can…that will 100% be the proudest moment of my career.

What is your morning routine to get you through the working day?
I get up, wash my face, have a coffee at home or at my local and walk/get the bus to work!

Where are your favourite places to eat and drink in Dublin?
One of my TOP FAVOURITES is Lucky Tortoise, Dada, Kerala Kitchen, Ramen Bar. I love asian food.

What are your favourite ways to keep fit?
So bad at this these days!! But I love yoga.

Photo by Eoin Greally

What are your top three beauty essentials?
A good bronzer from Benefit, brow pencil from Charlotte Tilbury and a good brown lip liner.

If you could tell your 16 year-old self anything, what would it be?

Your body is deadly and you look so much better than you think.

Favourite gadget and why?
My phone.

Are you an early bird or a night owl?
Kinda both!

Your greatest food pleasure?
Eating an amazing curry or loads of deadly dumplings.

Can you share any exciting plans you have in the pipeline?
One to be revealed v soon!!! I hate saying that but it’s so true. Keep a peep on my socials. xx

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Article by Linda Coogan Byrne, Deputy Editor at IndulgeMe.ie. You can follow Linda on InstagramTwitter and LinkedIn.