It’s Official, These Are the Top 10 Influencers Leading the World of Fashion

The fashion industry has a huge influence on our satorial choices, and in recent years the influx of fashion ‘influencers’ has meant this has grown even stronger. In testament to that fact Forbes recently revealed the top ten influencers in the world, whose total estimated reach is 31,750,000.

Having a blog and a huge following sure has helped these ten ladies and gentlemen, but it’s their intelligent collaborations with the world’s biggest brands that has garnered these top spots.

Top 10 Fashion Influencers in World
Photo: Song of Style

From working with the designer fashion houses to being key members of judging panels, their work has led them to designing their own creations, inventing a brand of their own and overall, making them household names across the world.

1. Chiara Ferragni / @chiaraferragni

One of the first ‘big bloggers’, Chiara Ferragni is also known for her website, The Blonde Salad. Since starting this online platform in 2009, the Italian beauty has transformed into a businesswoman, has collaborated with Dior, Louis Vuitton and Chanel, and opened her first standalone fashion boutique in Milan before opening more worldwide. She also employs 20 people for her brand, is often seen FROW during Fashion Week, and graced the cover page of Vogue España.

2. Leandra (Medine) Cohen / @leandramcohen / @manrepeller

Famous for her blog, Man Repeller, Leandra Cohen (née Medine) started her career writing smart articles about fashion, pop culture and lifestyle. The American gained fame very quickly after Refinery29 featured her blog only three days after she started it in 2010, which followed by other notable online fashion magazines featuring her. Since, she has collaborated with high street giant Topshop and started her own shoe line, MR by Man Repeller, in 2016.

3. Danielle Bernstein / @weworewhat

Having garnered a huge following of 1.7 million on Instagram, when working or posting for brands, she charges up to $20,000 per post. The American has also founded two separate brands in 2016, was named and awarded to the Forbes 30 Under 30 Art & Style List and she’s only 25 years old. #Goals

4. Jenn Im / @imjennim

This Korean-American beauty has created her fame for her fashion and beauty vlog, Clothes Encounter. Jenn Im has often been featured in magazines and online publications including Teen Vogue and i-D Vice, as well as having worked with Macy’s and Target too. With over 7 million subscribers to her YouTube channel, she’s launched a makeup collection with ColourPop called Jenn Ne Sais Quoi, and also her own clothing line, Eggie.

5. Bryan Yambao / @bryanboycom

Eccentric and fashionable, Bryan Yambao is better known as Bryanboy, and has an Instagram following of over 642,000. The young man has been the key social media correspondent and judge for two seasons of America’s Next Top Model, alongside the iconic Tyra Banks. The award-winning Filipino blogger has worked with fashion brands Gucci, Prada and Valentino, as well as with Diet Coke and American Express. Marc Jacobs even named a handbag after Bryanboy!

6. Aimee Song / @songofstyle

Another top influencer, Aimee Song is a true fashionista given the success of her blog, Song of Style. She wrote the bestselling book, ‘Capture Your Style’, an extension of the New York Times, with a foreword by famous designer Diane von Furstenberg, and has collaborated with Gentle Monster sunglasses – that sold out in 22 minutes. Plus her blog also has its own e-shop, Two Songs.

7. Susanna Lau / @susiebubble

Having started her blog over 10 years ago, Susanna ‘Susie Bubble’ Lau has accumulated over 356,000 Instagram followers. The British native was honoured when asked, as the first blogger, to choose the Dress of the Year 2013 by the Fashion Museum in Bath. Always attending London Fashion Week, Lau charges £10,000 for large collaboration projects.

8. Nicolette Mason / @nicolettemason

Launching her website in 2008, the American blogger created Premme alongside fellow Top 10 Influencer Gabi Gregg. The plus size fashion line launched in 2017, and her followers have been big fans and supporters of it.

9. Gabi Gregg / @gabifresh

Also known as Gabi Fresh, this curvy gal is a self-proclaimed feminist, and as aforementioned, the co-founder of Premme. Her huge Instagram following of 550,000 has added to her success, but embracing her natural body and curves with her strong personality have kept her at the top.

10. Julia Engel / @juliahengel

This American beauty has garnered an impressive 1.1 million followers alongside her successful blog, Gal Meets Glam. Post-blog launch in 2011, she has worked with designers Tory Burch, Coach and Club Monaco.